Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As and Ps

Once a month or so, Celia and I work at a food bank. We sort cans, shelve food, or make up boxes called "As and Ps." "A" boxes contain cereal, peanut butter and jelly plus the usual complement of dried pasta, canned meats, vegetables and soups. "B" boxes hold more fruit and fruit juice, more meat and tuna, and, if possible, canned milk. I have a new appreciation for canned milk since we've worked there, will always give it to food banks if I have a chance.

Coming home after one of our expeditions I debate what to make for dinner. It shouldn't be steak or lamb chops, not that we have those much anyway. And it shouldn't be based on fresh fruits or vegetables. Something simple, whipped up from a can or a jar. Spaghetti with sauce. A simple salad from a bag. French bread. We eat well. We eat in solidarity.

Photo: Free-Extras


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