Friday, October 10, 2014

Piano at Rest

After half a century on its feet the piano needs a rest. And it's getting one.

It all started when the instrument kept losing its tune. The tuner diagnosed loose pins and proposed a remedy. Turn the piano on its back, insert a wood-expander solution around the pins and wait a week.

Luckily there's a largish space in the front half of the living room so the piano could rest there — well barricaded, of course, so Copper doesn't interfere. Meanwhile, the room is topsy-turvy, and there's a big wall space where the piano used to be.

Still, I think the vacation is well deserved. I imagine the piano on a beach, a gentle breeze tickling its ivories, its noble shoulders sunk into the sand. Soon it will sit up, shake itself awake and be ready to play again.

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