Saturday, November 29, 2014

Farewell to the Teenage Years

This is the second to last day of the month — but the absolute last day for me to be the parent of a teenager. It was an era that began innocuously enough in October of 2001 — but stepped up in intensity as years progressed and there were three teenage girls in the house.

Oh, the drama! Oh, the laughter! Oh, the driving lessons, the boyfriends, the required parental participation in track meets and band concerts and cookie dough sales. Oh, the anger and the misunderstandings and the hours spent waiting for texts and phone calls to be returned. Oh, the late nights and the early mornings and the long talks after which things finally seemed right again.

It's all part of growing up, I know, part of separating and achieving independence. Also nature's way of preparing parents to be empty-nesters.

Now that the waters are calmer (notice I said "calmer" not "calm"), now that I have three young adults who are kind, generous and funny — in other words, now that the teenage years are ending — it's possible to write a post about the teenage years. Before now, it hasn't been.

So here's to the next era, when all three girls are in their 20s. Can they be that old? Can I? Nah, it isn't possible!


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