Monday, November 3, 2014

Suburban Density

Each time I’ve visited Lake Accotink Dam (which is only twice but feels like more), I’ve spotted people exercising here, running up the stairs beside the spillway, and, most recently, a man rolling back and forth on the asphalt stretching his quads and hamstrings, totally oblivious to the others walking here. I practically had to step over him on the trail. 

I think about how, even though I'm not in a city but in the suburbs, there is still the trademark of city life: an obliviousness to the lives of those around us. A resolute self-centeredness (or is it self-preservation?) that is perhaps bred in the general irritation engendered by close proximity to neighbors. 

Which is why I’m not sure this urban density thing will work in the suburbs. Clump people together, save space for hiking and boating and picnicking.  A lovely concept, until you have to step over a grown man stretching.

To what extent do we need our suburban space? Haven't many of us moved here to have it?

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