Thursday, October 29, 2015

Eye of Storm?

Sometimes life decides to throw a lot of things at you at once. Work woes on top of grieving on top of other stuff.

I'm using the word "decides" lightly, of course, and with some irony. Life hasn't "decided" anything. Life is just happening. So how do  I handle the concerns, the worries, the to-dos? How do I  control the uncontrollable?

What I'm hoping for is the eye of the storm. I've been blown around and buffeted for weeks now, so it has to be here somewhere. I don't even expect the storm to be over. I just want a break from it.

Maybe if I think small like this, not ask for too much, the way will be clearer, the passing smooth. All I'm asking for is a patch of sunlight in the clouds, the calm air to catch my breath.


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