Thursday, January 14, 2016

Warming Up in Manhattan

As the temperatures plummet, my pace picks up. I don't walk from parking lot to Metro and Metro to office, I run. It's not the most dignified way to move from place to place, but it's how I travel in sub-freezing weather.

The body is a furnace, something I discovered when I lived in New York, a walkers' paradise. I wore a long black coat then, the warmest coat I've ever owned, toastier than any down jacket or fleece. But the coat was heavy. Putting it on was like suiting up for battle, which in a way it was.

So every workday morning I slipped into battle gear and made my way from 94th and Central Park West to 45th and Park Avenue, right near Grand Central Station. In 10 blocks I would be warming up, and by the time I reached the Plaza I might have to loosen my scarf.

I didn't run those 50-plus blocks, but I kept up a brisk pace. It was a surefire antidote to cold — and now that I think back on it — pretty much everything else, too.
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