Monday, February 22, 2016

Binge-Watch Weekend

The Oscars are less than a week away. The Netflix movies had been piling up. It was time for a binge-watch weekend.

It began with "Under the Sand," a French drama with Charlotte Rampling. I'd like to see "45 Years" before next Sunday, so this was a Rampling appetizer of sorts. Next up was "Bridge of Spies," a best picture nominee already available for rent on Amazon. It was long, as advertised, but because I was watching it in the basement, I could pause and come back an hour later to finish it.

"The Revenant" was the only film I saw in a theater last weekend. It was also long, as well as beautiful and brutal (also as advertised). After an evening of "Foxcatcher," a 2014 film for which Steve Carrell was nominated for best actor, I ended the day with an hour of "The West Wing" with Celia and Suzanne.

Yesterday was the Steve Jobs biopic, also available to rent, and just before bedtime, the second-to-last Downton Abbey. It, quite frankly, made the whole binge-watching weekend worthwhile.


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