Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chicago Bound

Minutiae is the enemy of creativity. Combine minutiae with work deadlines, house and yard chores, event planning and the to-dos of daily living, and you have a perfect storm of — well, I was looking for the antonym of "creativity" and what has come up with is ... reality!

So yes, a perfect storm of reality, or let's just say reality on steroids.

But today's plan is to walk to National Airport (20 minutes on foot), board a big bird and fly to Chicago for a family wedding.

Working now in the shadow of this airport I often think about the people in those big birds as they zoom off to their destinations. They, too, are prisoners of minutiae, prisoners of reality. But as I stare from my office building at the airborne jets, I imagine all passengers are sipping drinks with little umbrellas bound for fun-filled Caribbean vacations.

It's an innocent fantasy. A creative fantasy. The opposite of reality. But whatever it is, today I'll be part of it.


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