Friday, August 5, 2016

The Sand

It's the first beach day I've woken up to rain, so instead of rushing off on an early morning jaunt I'm taking a lazier approach to the day. I'm thinking about the walks I've taken here this year and the lusciousness of the sand on this beach.

And it is marvelous. More like flour or confectioners sugar, powdery and fine and so, so white. It never burns the feet. 

To run my toes through it, or my hands when I'm lying face down (well slathered with number 50 sunscreen, of course) is to know the soul of summer.

I found a little brochure written by the Chamber of Commerce extolling the local sand. It's formed almost entirely of quartz, apparently, with very little shell matter, which accounts for its fine-sifted character. 

All I know is that it's soft and warm and enticing. Kind of like a beach vacation.


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