Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Domestic Details

Travel, like any other intense experience, becomes even more valuable upon reflection. For me, the reflection began on the return trip, when I settled down into Seat 44H with my journal and pen and wrote for the first hour of an (unfortunately bumpy) 13-hour flight from Seoul to Washington.

But for now, it's a return to routine, to more typical duties — writing and editing  — and to domestic ones, too — unpacking and doing laundry.

And then there's pie-baking. Luckily, the girls are taking care of this Thanksgiving. Suzanne and Appolinaire are hosting with an assist from Claire and Celia. I'm only supplying a pie. Ah, this is why we have children, isn't it?

But still, the pie must be baked, which means the ingredients must be purchased, which means the grocery store must be tackled. At least I'll understand what I'm buying and how much it costs. No more rupiah or kyat.

I can't help but think about the domestic duties and supplies of the ginger farmer I just visited, though: two barrels of water, tin plates and bowls, alfresco kitchen and bath — a simpler (though by no means easier) life.


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