Tuesday, December 13, 2016


It's not exactly to the break-even point yet, but I'm definitely ordering more holiday gifts online this year, and my sister is, too. So based on this highly unscientific sampling of two, I think there's a trend here.

(I'm not so far off on this trend definition. When I wrote pieces for women's magazines, a "trend" was something that you and a couple of your close friends were noticing — after which you dug up enough evidence to convince your editors it was really happening.)

But, back to this year's shopping stats, I do have real, tangible proof: the piles of boxes in front of the houses in my neighborhood.

Usually you see lots of boxes after the holidays, not before. But no more.

'Tis the season for FedEx and UPS and even the lowly ole US Post Office — and the containers they leave behind. They're making the Yuletide jolly. And easier, too.

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