Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sound Cues

Our parakeets live in a world of sound cues. Even in the dark of early morning, even with their cage covered, they wake to the sounds of the day.

A pair of creaky knees coming down the stairs.  The jingle of a dog's collar. The squeak of the back door as the dog is let out. The early wild birds waking with plaintive chirps.

And then there are the water noises: the filling of the kettle, the tea water coming to a boil.

I often keep them covered for a while because they're so noisy, but they know when the day begins. They don't doubt or second-guess themselves.

If only I could say the same.

(Sid and Dominique in 2012. Rest in peace, Sid, gone almost a year now. Instead of Sid there is ... Alfie. And he's another story altogether.)


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