Thursday, April 13, 2017

View from a Ramada

Driving from Tombstone to Bisbee last week the wideness of the West really hit me. Not the wildness but the wideness. The openness. It's what I crave when I'm here in Virginia.

But when I was there, I felt exposed. Where were the trees, the hollows; where could I sit quietly and take in all this grandeur?

If shade does not come naturally, then it must be created. And so it is. At the Desert Museum I learned a new meaning for the word "ramada." In the Southwest, a ramada is a open shelter, a roof with no walls. Made of reeds or brush or wood, it is the native's way of putting a layer between themselves and the sun.

I snapped this shot from a ramada in Tucson. It gave me a frame, a vantage point — a cool, sequestered way to take in the day.

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