Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Missing Fob

It wasn't in the inside pocket of my too-small purse. And it wasn't in the roomier confines of my tote bag. It wasn't on the desk or in a drawer. Which meant one of two things: Either I had lost my fob, my entry ticket to this office suite, or it was in my pants pocket.

It's the latter, I just learned. And I'm filled with relief. Which makes me think about how closely we hew to the small landmarks of our routine. How the absence of one tiny item can unsettle and disrupt. Today I'll use the front door instead of the rear, and plan trips out to coincide with receptionist availability.

But maybe this is a good thing, something to keep in mind when routine ossifies. That we are only a loss or two away, not from inconvenience — but from liberation.


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