Tuesday, July 4, 2017

More Unum

The trip from Lexington to my house can seem long, especially when mired in West Virginia, but it is in fact less than one-tenth of the way across the country. And it's the width of the country that's on my mind this morning: the roundabouts and the rodeos, the skyscrapers and the silos, the breadth and depth.

I like to think that our strength lies in our breadth, in our differences and how we've been able to assimilate them. E pluribus unum — from the many, one. Not just from many states one nation, but from many states of mind one body politic.

We used to have a knack for it. But lately, our differences threaten to overcome us. Lately, we have too much e pluribus and not enough unum. So that is what I wish for our country on its 241st birthday: more unum.


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