Friday, January 11, 2013

Oscar Season

It's Oscar Season! Nominees were announced yesterday, and I've seen four of the films nominated for Best Picture. That's better than usual. Most years I would have seen none by this date.

In the old days, of course, seeing four would mean I'd almost seen them all. But this year, with nine pictures up for the top spot, I have five more to go. Or maybe not. This year proxy viewing is allowed, and a trusted assistant is doing some of the "work" for me. ("I don't think you'd like 'Django,' Mom," my daughter says. "Too violent.")

So that leaves four: Two films that only start today and I'd planned to see anyway, and two "about animals" (I know there's more to them than that) that I might palm off to my trusted assistant. And this is not even including the Best Actor/Actress performances.

What can I say ... most of the time, reality is enough for me. But not during Oscar Season.


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