Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I wonder if anyone has done a study of the time spent trying to learn, operate and repair the electronic items in our possession. I wonder this because in the time I've spent trying to download a book on my much-neglected Kindle, I could have driven to the store and bought the book. (If I could find a bookstore and if the bookstore carried this book.)

The culprit: a new wireless network in our house, which means Netflix streams intermittently now, if at all, and the e-reader that worked with the old network and password is balking at the new one.

At these moments I inevitably anthropomorphize the gizmo, tell myself that it's a creature of habit, doesn't like the vibes given off by the new network, is a bit set in its ways. (Speaking of set in its ways, has it ever considered what it took for me to come around to reading on it?)

But no, apparently it hasn't. And now the book I was planning to start for book group tonight is still up there in the ether and I'm reading something else entirely.

Everything is fast and easy these days. Until it isn't.

(Ready to read — if only I could download the novel!)

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