Monday, October 12, 2015

Big Magic

I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic at the library this weekend. It's new enough that I was surprised to see it — and I snapped it up, even though it's a 14-day-only, no-renewal book.

When it comes to books that suddenly appear on library shelves long before I would ever expect to see them (I just read a review a few weeks ago), I suspect providence at work. Why this book? Why now?

Big Magic is about the joys of living the creative life and the need to persist in it despite all obstacles. It's not a perfect book — it's more pep talk than anything else — but it's honest and encouraging and bighearted. And it makes some important points about finishing projects (better to be a "deeply disciplined half-ass" than a lazy perfectionist) and why it's unwise to give up the day job (it would put too great a burden on the writing, sculpting, cello-playing or other creative impulse that must be pursued with lightness).

As I struggle to balance family responsibilities with a new set of duties in my day job, as I think about what I can give up to make this all work, I realize one thing that can't go is this blog.

It's as close to "big magic" as I can get these days.

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