Friday, January 22, 2016

The Calm Before ...

A gray sky, a Christmas morning anticipation. The snow is coming, the snow is coming.

It's coming to cover the leaf piles and the brush piles, the trails and the sidewalks. It's coming to bury the daffodil shoots that began emerging from the ground in December. It's coming to cover the yet-to-be-picked-up leaf bags and the two cars that aren't in the garage. It's coming to transform the peeled brown landscape into one of perfect white.

I have books to read, chocolate to eat and movies to watch. The house is packed with people and with food. I'll bundle up and take a walk soon, because there won't be a chance to take another for quite some time.

Meanwhile, in the heavens, a great storm gathers. The systems have converged, as have the models. What started as a rumor, an office "have-you-heard" on Tuesday, is now (almost) a reality. 

It's the calm before ...



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