Friday, March 18, 2016

Way Back When

The message went out last night after 9, and by early this morning the replies were pouring in. Would we, the members of Henry Clay High School, class of 19__ (that's the only part of my graduating class year I'm revealing), like to meet at a classmate's farm some late September Saturday?

It's a five-year rather than a 10-year mark for us. But we've lost a couple of people since last time and, as the organizer said, "We're not getting any younger, folks. And there's something important about being with people we knew way back when."

There is. Surprisingly so.

What I mostly felt in high school was how much I wanted to get out of it. But the memories now are clearer than most: The way the light came in through the tall windows of Baldy Gelb's math classroom. (He was Coach Gelb — which may have accounted for the prime real estate.) Or the day Mrs. Ahrens' student teacher suggested we start keeping a journal. (I've never stopped.)

In other words, these were years that mattered. And people who matter still.

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