Friday, April 29, 2016

Bus Warrior

A new job, a new routine, a new commute. After a couple of long, miserable slogs on Metro, I tried a bus that whisks me from a parking lot in Reston to a stop five minutes from my new office. It will be a godsend — if I can figure out the parking.

Because if there's one thing I've learned about D.C. traffic and commuting, it's that every shortcut has already been found, every new route tried. It hasn't been designated the second worst traffic city in the nation (bested only by L.A., I believe) for nothing!

But so far I can say this: the bus is a fundamentally different way to travel. It moves you through space above ground, for one thing. I see the white stones of Arlington in military precision. I see the Washington monument looming in the distance when we stop at the Pentagon.

Connections are clearer, the way road leads to road. It's a good way to begin a new chapter, seeing more clearly, perched high above the fray. Not road warrior but bus warrior.

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