Monday, July 11, 2016

New York Walk

I started running when I lived in Chicago, but I started walking when I lived in New York.

I had walked before, obviously, but not "seriously." In New York, everyone walks. Not for a stroll after dinner and not for their health.

Walking in New York is the purposeful stride from Point A to Point B. It's hoofing it because the Uber or cab won't come. This is Walking 101.

Of the 20 hours I was in New York over the weekend, I spent eight sleeping, five birthday-party-ing and four — four precious, wonderful hours — walking.

I hiked from 37th and Eighth Avenue to 115th and Broadway — and was making my way back downtown when I met Ellen and Phillip in the 80s on Broadway, then Eric on a cross street with the car.

It was the shortest trip I've ever made to the Big Apple. I wouldn't want to take a shorter one.

But it was, I"m happy to say, long enough for a long walk.
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