Monday, December 19, 2016

Oldest Living Albatross Lays Egg

It's been hard lately to make my way through the national and political news sections of the newspaper. Which is why I've been open to other, more offbeat stories. Like Wisdom, the 66-year-old albatross who is still laying an egg every year. Just laid one a few days ago, in fact.

Wisdom was banded on the Midway Atoll in 1956, so scientists are pretty sure that she's truly a (late) middle-aged gal.

What an inspiration! Here she is at a time when many human females might be slowing down. Instead, she's adding to her brood.

Is she worrying about her children? Heck no, she's too busy having 'em.

And as for her appearance, she's smooth of feather and sleek of bill. No tummy tuck or chin lifts for her.

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