Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Blue Shoes

Every year or so I buy myself some new tennis shoes. I usually reprise whatever make and model I'm currently wearing, as long as it fits and has held up to my daily battering. Which means that I don't choose by color, only by comfort.

Some years I end up with garish purples and greens. Others with white. But this year, I hit the jackpot: a pastel beauty that's mostly the color of sky, with just a hint of aquamarine.

The minute I saw these I thought they should be Celia's — my youngest daughter loves this color and looks great in it. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized there's also a connection with my middle daughter, Claire. One of her favorite books growing up was New Blue Shoes by Eve Rice.

The book is about a shoe-shopping expedition and a little girl who knows what she wants — new shoes, blue shoes, new blue shoes — and will have no other. A perfect favorite for Claire, who has always known what she wants, whether it's pink stiletto heels or a new puppy.

I like my new blue shoes, even though I didn't fight for them. Maybe I should have!

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