Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream Come True

A friend I haven't seen in years reminded me of a dream we shared in high school. We were going to throw our own ball -- ladies would wear long gowns, we would swirl and twirl to waltz music -- it would be the next best thing to Vienna.

In two weeks Tom and I are going to Vienna. We're going to see Suzanne, who's been studying there all semester. We're planning very little -- we'll let her show us her world -- but there will be music and art and coffee houses and Mozart and Beethoven and Brahms. There will be no dancing -- the ball season is in January and February -- but that doesn't matter. Suzanne was able to dance through two of them (see her photo above) and I'm content simply to return to Vienna, which I saw so many years ago.

Dreams are funny things. They never fade away, but they soften with time. They're replaced with gratitude, I think. And with memory.

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