Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Years and Thankful

I began this blog three years ago, not sure how often I would post or for how long. It would be an exercise, I told myself, "a slow, patient accumulation of words," a daily discipline. Maybe people would read it, maybe they wouldn't. But if I kept at it long enough, I told myself, I would have a body of work.

Don't know if there's quite a body yet. Maybe the beginnings of one.

What I do know is that somehow, every day but Sunday (or Saturday!), the blank screen is filled. Even on the hardest days, the words come. Some days they rush in as quickly as I can get them down. Other days I spend way more time than I'd like with fingers poised above the keys.

But eventually the muse speaks — and I listen.

Today I pause to thank that muse — and to thank all of you who visit, read and cheer me on. Your encouragement means more than you know.


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