Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Thousand

If it was a year it would be medieval. If it was a jackpot it would be negligible. If it was a score it would be ... well, high. (Can't seem to find a sport where 1,000 is even possible, let alone perfection.)

This morning, one thousand (1,000 in the Associated Press style to which I am accustomed but which I don't always follow here) is the number of blog posts I've written since February 7, 2010. 

Not perfection, not even close, but a tidy sum — about 900 more than I thought I would write.  Because I seldom write on Sunday, it will be an even one thousand for two days running.

So today I'm savoring a number: One thousand, or even better, one thousand and counting.

(There are many more than one thousand grains of sand on this beach.)


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