Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We left warm dry homes to venture out on a cold, wet night. We left willingly, joyfully; we left to sing "The Messiah."

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of "Messiah" Sing Alongs held through the country — from the grandiose ones with full symphony orchestras to the most humble held in church basements and community centers.

Last night's concert featured four soloists, a conductor and a crack organist who didn't miss a note. The chorus was, well, us — people who've hung onto their old scores from the first time they sang the oratorio in college or choir. People who probably worked a full day and did no vocal exercises before arriving. The most enthusiastic and wondrous of choirs. 

We may not have hit every note — in "His Yoke Is Easy" it is doubtful whether I hit any right notes — but as we belted out "King of kings/Forever and ever/And Lord of lords/Forever and ever/Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" it didn't matter one little bit.

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