Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer, Still

These are the bonus days of summer. Every warm afternoon, every sliver moon peeping through the trees as it rises in the sultry August sky. Every thin crescent moon that sees us through till morning.

Summer has been hot this year, and I haven't minded. It's warmed my bones, and if it keeps warming them a few more weeks, I won't complain.

It hasn't been the most relaxing summer. Creating a backyard wedding venue has taken care of that. But it has been rich in people and in feeling and will not be easily forgotten.

The day lilies are drooping now, the cone flowers are fading. There are a dozen mum plants cooling their heels in the house. They'll be planted when the temperature dips below 90.

Until then, until next Tuesday for sure, it is still gloriously, indisputably ... summer.

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