Thursday, September 15, 2016

On Foot

Metro's massive rehab project has me once again scrambling for a way to work, switching up my commute. Today a predawn bus and a walk to the office from Army Navy Drive.

Crystal City is not what I would call a walker's paradise. It's honeycombed with expressways and hotel driveways. But hey, it has sidewalks and, more to the point, it's my work 'hood. So I'm getting to know it, block by block.

This morning a welcome breeze, a dearth of traffic (it was early) and 70-degree temps made the stroll delightful. I passed dog walkers, joggers and a few people who looked like they had yet to go to bed from the night before.

In other words, a motley crew — and fun to observe. Just further confirmation that it's the right way to start a day, on foot.


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