Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rear View Mirror

As the wedding passes into memory, keepsake images flit through my brain. One I keep coming back to is the rear-view-mirror glimpse of the newlyweds as I pulled away from their house last Monday.

I had driven them home after the big festivities, and they were making sure I got safely on my way. I glimpsed at the mirror to see them put their arms around each other and stroll back to the house. It was the perfect coda to a celebration of love and family, and just one of the moments I treasure.

Funny thing, making memories. When you're young the memories seem unimportant. It's the experiences that matter. But as you grow (ahem!) older, you realize that experiences are fleeting — and it's memories that endure. They are the rich rear view mirror of life, a procession of images to relive and cherish.


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