Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fast Away

It's only a matter of hours now for 2016, this crazy leap year with so many changes (new job and wedding; show-stopping election) that we needed an extra day to pack 'em in.

One thing about years now: They pass so quickly that it almost seems pointless to make a big fuss over their arrivals and departures.

But still, a year change is a moment, and so I will mark it now in this quiet living room with the tree still in full holiday regalia, books and journal by my side, three loads of laundry, a tidied freezer and vacuumed floor under my belt. The price I pay for writing time, a price I may have to stop paying if I'm ever to write more than these blog posts. And if there's a hint of a resolution in there, so much the better!

Fast away the old year passes ... whether marked by sundial or computer clock ... it passes ...

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