Friday, May 19, 2017

Flowery Bower

Early on in my almost three decades (gulp) in this house, I tried to plant an English cottage garden. I'd seen the photos in catalogs and they struck my fancy. I liked the informality, the abundance, the palette.

So with the ardor of a novice gardener I ordered peonies, daisies, astilbe and climbing roses. I hacked my way into the clay soil, added lime and peat moss and gave those plant babies a chance. I watered and mulched and fussed.

The peony produced one flower (with the requisite ants) but never thrived. The astilbes barely lasted a summer. I learned quickly that I needed coneflowers rather than daisies.

But the climbing roses were a different matter entirely. The climbing roses "took."

So now I have a flowery bower, courtesy of an English cottage rose.

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