Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Skips in our Step

There are so many ways to walk in this world. There's trudging and strolling, ambling and sauntering, sliding and gliding, tromping and tramping, wandering and rambling, marching and striding, creeping and traipsing, hiking and slogging.

And then ... there's skipping.

When was the last time I skipped? Actually, it was today. But only for a second when no one was looking — and only because I already had the idea of writing this post.

The skip is the canter of human gaits, the waltz step for walkers. It's a catch in the breath and in the stride. It's a joyful, uninhibited motion, akin to running — but less work.

Unfortunately, however, it's seldom practiced after the age of 10.

The taste of it I had this morning reminded me of its power and its fun. It is the most gladsome of movements. And in fact, if we practiced it more often it would be difficult to take ourselves seriously. For that reason alone, maybe it's time we all put more skips in our step.

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