Monday, July 17, 2017


Vines have twined, leaves have greened, flowers have bloomed — but they are only the prelude, the tuning orchestra, the tapped microphone. They are the dress rehearsal for the big show.

It's a play being enacted in countless gardens and across endless sunny meadows. It's the ripening of berries, the slow evolution of flower to fruit.

Ripening tests our patience, but nature will not be hurried. I've had my eye on these blackberries for weeks — from their waxy white infancy to their lush red adolescence — waiting for them to plump up and ripen into the shiny purplish black that means they're ready to eat. 

I see this berry patch often on my walks; it's hiding in plain sight, tucked between two evergreens up against a guardrail. I've tried to take each stage as it comes, to enjoy the ripening process. But I'm bedeviled by two questions: When can I eat the little guys? And will the birds get them first? 

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