Saturday, December 13, 2014

By the Numbers

Today — 12/13/14 — is the last sequential date most of us now living will ever see. The next one won't occur until the year 2101. 

I learned this from the Washington Post. Had I not read the Style Section I would probably have passed through the day oblivious to it's being the last sequential day in almost a century. But reading the article, I realize how many other numerically remarkable days I've missed — 11/11/11, for instance, or 11/12/13. The 21st century has had a bounty of them!

I did note the numerical significance of 10/10/10 (in this blog, as a matter of fact). But that, too, was a matter of happenstance.

All I know is that 12/13/14 is less than two weeks till Christmas. And that's all the numerical significance I need for now.


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