Monday, September 19, 2016

Long Walk in the Big City

Yesterday I took a long walk in the big city. I started in the theater district, made my way south and west to pick up the Highline, which is now available at 34th Street!  From there (where I snapped this picture and then very quickly ran out of charge), I strolled to Gansevoort Street, then down Jane to the West Side Highway and over to the long, skinny park that runs along the Hudson.

The sun was flirting with us, in and out from the clouds. At times it seemed as if it would pour. But it didn't (until today), so I had five blissful hours of ambling.

It's really the whole package that does it to me here in the city. It's the energy of the people and the place. It's all the hundreds of details — from the grumpy Penn Station employee yelling at a woman who could hardly lug her suitcase ("Why did you pack so much?") to the crazy wedding parade I found myself swept up in at the end of the day (complete with a kazoo band).

It's good to be here. Life enhancing, as a matter of fact.

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